Lipotrim - Weight Management


Doctors and nutritionists recognise that when you eat foods which have a low glycaemic index (ie foods which cause minimal increase in blood sugar levels), the carbohydrates in these foods are absorbed by your body at a slower rate than occurs withfoods with a higher glycaemic index.
This slower rate of absorption reduces the rise in your body's blood sugar levels which, in turn, needs a lower insulin response. A lower insulin response means that your feelings of hunger and food cravings can be reduced. With a reduced desire to eat to excess, you have better control of your eating and therefore your weight.
The high glycaemic index of some popular foods you may eat (such as fruit, bread, cereal or snacks, like chocolate) normally produces a high insulin response but, as is widely recognised, this high glycaemic index can be lowered by the addition of low glycaemic index foods to the meal helping reduce your subsequent hunger cravings.
So, even though you may have eaten some high glycaemic index foods as part of your meal, the whole meal's effect on the insulin response can be reduced by the inclusion of low glycaemic index foods at the same time.
The Lipotrim weight maintenance foods have been specially formulated so that they provide you with a unique combination of high soluble fibre/low glycaemic index foods to help reduce your hunger pains while providing that full range of nutrients your body needs for a normal, active life.
By using Lipotrim foods, you should be able to control your eating through feeling fuller for longer and still be well nourished. (See nutrition information tables.)

To get the best from Lipotrim weight maintenance foods, eat or drink before your normal meal. The low GI, high fibre composition will help you reduce the amount you want to eat at your mealtime. You can, however, include these foods as a part of your meal.
You can also use Lipotrim weight maintenance Foods as snacks to eat between meals, to help reduce feelings of hunger during the day.
People with a weight problem can benefit from using Lipotrim weight maintenance foods before breakfast and lunch. People who do not have a serious weight problem may find that one a day is adequate.

The majority of people know about the need for healthy eating and the need for a low fat lifestyle. Fat is very high in Calories, has little satiety value and is usually stored in the body rather than used for daily energy needs.
Low fat foods, however, can often be relatively high in carbohydrates often carbohydrates with a high glycaemic index.
Weight maintenance requires a reduction in fats and a healthy diet - and is easier with a low GI lifestyle, because it helps you keep control by steadying your insulin response to the carbohydrates which are a necessary part of your daily diet.

We are all living in a society where delicious, tempting and highly desirable foods are readily available and in great abundance. The average person, at rest, uses little more than one Calorie a minute. A single biscuit can provide enough energy to power the body for well over an hour. A bar of chocolate, at around 300 Calories, will normally sustain our energy needs for about five hours.
So it's very easy to eat more than your body actually needs and to lose control. Weight maintenance requires control of your eating over a long period of time. Without help, those of us with a weight maintenance problem will usually gain weight again. Even exercise, good as it is for most people, can only help a certain amount. A mile run uses up about 100 Calories. This may help compensate for an excess biscuit or two, but not for a serious overindulgence.
Sticking to the programme helps you maintain control. Without control, weight gain is usually inevitable.

Yes, they can as part of a calorie controlled diet.The beauty of Lipotrim weight maintenance foods is that they allow you to choose the degree to which you control your weight.
People wanting to maintain their present weight should take Lipotrim maintenance foods before their low-Calorie breakfast and lunch, with just a proper, low-fat meal in the evening. If you are seeking to reduce your weight, all you need to do is to follow the above weight maintenance programme for breakfast and lunch, but then add a further Lipotrim maintenance food at dinner time, which wil help you seriously restrict the Calories of your dinner meal, ideally to below about 100 Calories.
It is recommended that one of your daily selection is either the Summer Fruits Drink or the Chocolate Whip Dessert. When your weight has fallen to your desired level, simply return to the Lipotrim weight maintenance programme schedule.
So in future, even if occasions like Christmas or birthdays add the pounds, you know that you can adjust your Lipotrim maintenance programme in this way and remain in control.

The body needs at least 4 pints of water every day. If you are restricting your food intake, you are restricting water, since food is largely made up of water. The less you eat, the more important your fluid intake becomes. Drink at least (2 litres) about 4 pints every day.